About The RIEL Centre

RIELCLOGOVISION STATEMENT: A nationally focused, internationally engaged centre for the creation, preservation, study and promotion of Indigenous narratives.

NATIONAL FOCUS: Because Indigenous narratives, though tied to specific lands, are also carried by people who are migratory and more and more urbanized and dispersed, it is important to open up the borders as much as possible, while still operating within a national perspective.

INTERNATIONAL ENGAGEMENT: Globalization and global trade has always occurred. What happens in other societies impacts us all. Ideas and art move around the world and therefore, strategies and operations need to embrace this global nature and be able to make sense in all countries in which they operate. One must understand the social and societal contexts that narratives are set in, particular to Indigenous narratives. It is not the dominant narrative or status-quo, you must understand who, what, why when of the place and people.

The artistic and literary world has changed over the years with incredible opportunities and unprecedented access to inspiration and partnerships. Global writers have to pay attention to what is happening on the global stage, including through the online world. We are more connected than any other time in history and can organize and share information immediately.